The Story of Glamorous Pochette

Founded by coach, stylist, and men’s fashion blogger Kamal, Glamourous Pochette was born from a revelation: At his 27th birthday party, Kamal looked around and realized that most of the suits in the room – including his own at the time – were missing something.  That something was a pocket square.

Harkening back to a glamorous, golden age in men’s fashion – the 1920’s to 1960’s – pocket squares, or pochettes de costume in French, are being reborn today. And understandably so.  For even the finest tailored suit could still use a little flourish, a little something extra.  A pocket square is a perfect way to express some personality – or just to add that special flair to an already outstanding ensemble.

Kamal not only became a convert to wearing to pocket squares; he decided to create them himself.  But not just any fabrics or patterns would do.  He returned to his native land of Morocco with his team to scour the markets of Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Rabat for unique, bold, breathtaking patterns in cotton, linen, and silk. Made of high quality materials in a place whose people have a long history of cherishing interesting fabrics and motifs, these are patterns no one has thought to use for pocket squares, ones that will make the wearer turn heads.

Our Mission and Vision

Our pocket squares are unique and intriguing, just like the people who wear them.  Each one tells a story, or carries strong ties to a particular place or moment.  Our Moroccan Golden Dragon pocket square, for example, is inspired by Moroccan wedding dresses.

When you wear one of our pocket squares, you take these stories and transform them into your own.  Our mission is to add a glamorous touch to any wardrobe.  We create pocket squares that draw people’s eyes, get them talking, and help the wearer leave an unforgettable impression in his wake.

Where To Find Us

Our pocket squares’ origins lie in Morocco, and, as our bilingual name suggests, are influenced by places around the world. But Glamorous Pochette’s heart is also in Warsaw.  Quickly becoming a major force in fashion and the arts, Warsaw never stops inspiring us.  We’ve delved into the local fashion scene, and our pocket squares have been eagerly embraced by the community. Our clients include media personalities, artists, businesspeople, top Managers from Banks and Real Estate companies, and also, politicians.

Our pochettes are featured at Pure Skyclub, the city’s premiere business club.

Thanks to our website, you can be among these exciting, fashion-forward clients.  We ship around the world, so wherever you find yourself, you’ll be able to have a unique addition to your favorite suit sent right to your door.

The names of our squares often evoke different locations that have inspired us.  When you put one of our squares in your pocket, we know it will inspire you and the people around you, too.

Welcome to the Glamorous Pochette world.

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